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Creating Radical Accountability

at a Crossroads

What does “accountable history” mean? 

Accountable history is the practice of bringing together in-depth, innovative, historical research and emerging frameworks of critical analysis to re-examine foundational narratives that we apply to our personal lives, our communities and our institutions. When engaging in accountable history as a practice, we accept that “history” as we know it represents as much silence and erasure as it does the reality of lived experience and historical subjectivity. Accountable history as a practice insists that reckoning is necessary for change, and that a more full and critical understanding of where we come from both individually and collectively can help give us the tools to find our whole selves beyond institutional categorization and control. 

What is “relational healing?” 

At AHN, we work from the understanding that self regulation is co-regulation, attachment and attunement determine our ability to shift negative patterns, and that we can create more space for deliberate choice through healthy executive functioning. Our group processes anchor the work of building radical accountability in relational alliances, whether between cohorts, or caregivers in clinical contexts. We push back at individualistic frameworks of healing by both fostering healthy attachment and alliance within groups, and by connecting our healing to the lineages we come from, whether of ancestry or community.  

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